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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy & Action Plan

1.  Statement of commitment 

CSI Ltd is a domestic and commercial Electrical, plumbing, gas services and Installation Company serving greater London area, offering wide range of services from fault finding to carrying out new installation.

As an established company in London, CSI Ltd is aware of our impact on the environment.  In  order  to  address  this  impact  and  identify  ways  to mitigate  this,  we  have developed this policy and action plan. This document should be read in conjunction with our company’s Sustainability policy.

CSI Ltd is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in which we operate. The company prides itself on its willingness to shoulder responsibility for its actions, and strives for sustainable construction and continued improvement in environmental performance where practical and appropriate.

CSI Ltd carry out operations in a manner designed to minimise environmental impact on our surroundings  and  maintain  compliance  with  current  legislation,  best  practice  and  client specifications, while ensuring a balance between economic, environmental and social issues.

Where the company is involved in the design or promotion of sustainable options we work closely with  the design  team, other contract parties and our supply chain  to develop good environmental practices and  solutions, energy efficiency and use of  sustainable materials.

Through  the  use  of  sustainable  resources  and  continued  re-use,  recycling  and  waste minimisation we help to reduce the demand on the environment’s natural resources. This environmental policy has top management commitment and is reviewed on an ongoing basis  as  developments and  improvements  are made,  to  ensure  it  remains  relevant. Khosro Montazeri has the responsibility and authority to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of our environmental procedures and to take necessary action to resolve issues. 

Khosro Montazeri also  has  a  role  to  ensure  that  the  policy  is  understood,  implemented  and maintained  at  all  levels  of  the  organisation,  directing  all  employees  to  comply  with  its requirements and procedures. We will periodically review our environmental policy and action plan and refine, in the light of practical  experience  gained  and  feedback  received,  the  aspects,  objectives,  indicators, metrics, and targets of sustainability to which it refers.

We shall establish and maintain a procedure to identify and annually review all legal and other requirements to which we subscribe, that are applicable to the sustainability aspects of our activities, products and service.  We shall conduct periodic reviews of all training programmes we have initiated in respect of sustainability in order to evaluate the effectiveness  of  the  training  provided,  taking  into  account  of  feedback  from  trainees  and responding to the changing training needs of the organisation.

2.  Commitment 

We  are  committed  to  ensuring  all members  of  staff  are  NVQ,  City  & Guilds,  JIB,  CSCS graded  or  trained  and  also  that  residents  have  appropriate  levels  of  understanding  of  our  environmental policy and the actions and change programmes that flow from it. 

CSI Ltd makes a commitment to;

  • Regularly  assess  and  understand  the  impact  of  our  business  processes  and objectives  with  a  view  towards  recycling,  reducing,  elimination  and  control  of these impacts
  • Continually  review  and  keep  records  of  site  specific  environmental  procedures and issues as they arise
  • Dispose  of  processed waste  in  accordance with  our  duty  of  care  or  control  of pollution  regulations  as  applicable  while  reducing  landfill  waste  and  transport costs
  • Achieve higher standards of environmental performance  through setting realistic and achievable targets appropriate to our business circumstances
  • Operate  a  thoughtful  buying  process  selecting  where  possible  materials  and services less damaging to the environment
  • Improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • To conform to industry codes of practice whenever practically possible and, as a registered controlled waste carrier to use licensed tips for the disposal of waste materials, especially hazardous items.
  • To keep our sites clean and tidy to ensure minimum disturbance and disruption to our clients, their neighbours and surroundings.
  • Furthermore to strive to use the most environmentally efficient transport to meet our needs.
  • Manage  our  buildings  and  working  sites  in  an  environmentally  sympathetic  manner
  • Reduce  environmental  pollution  through  reducing  the  effects  of  noise,  dust disturbance and public inconvenience from our operations
  • Maximise  correspondence  by  e-mail  and  electronic  storage  to  reduce  waste Paper
  • Adopt  the policy of meeting  the needs of  the present without  compromising  the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs
  • Consider  whole  life  costing  and  energy  efficient  construction  methods  to maximise the efficiency of buildings and reducing running costs
  • Ensuring understanding of environmental issues amongst staff, clients, sub-contractors and suppliers as well as any other party affected. Raise awareness of partners of their impact on and responsibilities to the environment
  • Maintaining a healthy working environment for employees
  • Improvement in internal quality  through lighting, thermals, acoustics and air quality
  • Use of natural lighting and ventilation where practicable.

 3.  Consultation

We will, with regard to all aspects of our environmental policy and in-house management systems establish and maintain effective procedures for, internal communication between the various levels and functions of the organisation;

 4.  Issues and Objectives

We shall establish and maintain procedures necessary to identify the environmental issues which are most significant in terms of our activities, products or services and over which we can be expected to exercise an appropriate level of control and influence.

Areas  of  significant  environmental  impact  include  the  consumption  of  resources  including material, energy and water; the use of transport and fuel; the production of waste, emissions to the environmental through air,  land and water and wider  impacts on the natural and built environment.

We will carry out an assessment of key issues in order to determine those aspects that have or can have significant impacts on the environment. We shall ensure that the aspects related to these significant impacts are considered in setting our objectives.  All objectives and targets set shall be fully consistent with the environmental policy, sustainability policy and with each other and shall, wherever possible are measurable. 

We will address the environmental issues identified as priority areas as a matter of importance and use the principle of Best Practicable Environmental Option in implementing these.

Waste Management 

In the Office Environment: Arrangements are made with the local authority to ensure legal compliance for the disposal of waste.   Where possible, waste arising from the office is recycled, in particular paper and cardboard. Staffs are encouraged to recycle the waste they produce, and to limit their waste production by printing as little as possible. 

 On Site:  Every effort is taken to ensure that all waste is taken away from site on conclusion of a job. Hazardous materials including electrical and electronic equipment, wiring, heavy metals, paint and glue are disposed of in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations.

Industrial waste is disposed of via a contractor and taken to a Waste Transfer Station where recyclable waste is separated.

Sustainable Transport

Commuting  of  Employees;  Employees  are  encouraged  to  use  public  transport  where possible.  Employees  that  drive  to  work  are  encouraged  to  share  a  vehicle  with  other employees who  live nearby. Secure facilities for the storage of bicycles when possible are available.

Transport during Working hours: Company vehicles are used to travel to the site of a job. Where more than one employee is required for a job, every effort is taken to ensure that all staff travels in the same vehicle.  The  vehicle  is  selected  on  the  basis  of  its  suitability,  in terms of size, for the job. Employees are required to turn the engine of company vehicles off when waiting or parked.

In the case where members of staff live in close proximity to the job site they are encouraged to travel to site directly to avoid an excessive journey.

Energy Use

All employees are encouraged to limit their energy use. In the office, computers, appliances and lights are turned off when not in use; windows are kept closed in winter and when heating or air conditioning are required.

Water Use

In  the  office,  staffs  are  encouraged  to  use  only  as  much  water  as  is  necessary.  The consumption of tap water is encouraged in lieu of a water cooler. 

Noise on Site

In general, staffs carry out work during sociable hours. Any job that will generate excessive amounts of noise will not start before 10am and will conclude before 6pm.

Sustainable Procurement

Our  suppliers  of  materials  and  services  are  checked  to  ensure  a  certain  level  of environmental awareness. Where possible, we purchase recycled goods or materials from sustainable resources.  Our Industrial Waste contractors carry out a certain amount of recycling from their transfer Station.

 5.  Targets

We shall establish and maintain documented sustainability objectives and targets, at each relevant function and level within the organisation. All objectives and targets set shall be fully consistent with the sustainability policy and with each other and shall, wherever possible, are measurable.   We will benchmark ourselves against best practice standards established for the sector and seek to continuously improve our performance over the longer period by reviewing and revising the targets set at regular intervals. Our aim is to target for better practices wherever we have a poor record and aim to reduce our impact as reasonably practicable.

6.  Action Plan

We will work with in-house environmental advisor to identify areas of key priority and set ourselves a plan of action to reduce our impacts. We will establish and maintain a prioritised programme of action for achieving our agreed objectives and targets.

The action plan will include:

  • Designation  of  responsibility  for  achieving  the  objectives  and  targets  set  at  each relevant function and level of the organisation
  • The means and time-frame by which they are to be achieved
  • Criteria against which success (or failure) will be measured.

On a regular basis, we will review our action plans and modify them as appropriate to ensure that agreed objectives are effectively addressed.  For significant development or modernisation-related investment decisions we will carry out as appropriate a whole life cost-benefit analysis. 

7.  Monitoring

We shall establish and  maintain documented procedures to  monitor and  measure  on  a regular  basis  the  key  characteristics  of  our  operations  and  activities  that  can  have a significant impact on natural, human, manufactured, financial and social capital.

8.  Management Support & Empowerment of Employees

The approach to sustainable business practice is supported and endorsed by the senior management of the company.  It is communicated to employees, who are encouraged to provide input into the practices and environmental performance of the company.  Ideas are taken on board by management and used to inform the ongoing review of the company’s performance.

9.  Future targets and goals

The company’s aim is to apply for an Environmental Management System (EMS) such as ISO 14001 or BS 8555 over the next few years.

10. Continual Review

While CSI  is already  committed  to  sustainable  practice  across  all  aspects  of  its business, it recognises that there is always room for improvement. As such, the activities of the business are constantly reviewed and analysed to find areas that could be refined and improved. This review is conducted on both a formal and informal basis by external consultants, Senior Management and all employees of the company to ensure that the Company never stands still and continues to strive for complete sustainability. 

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