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Services and repair


Electrical Rewires

After a number of years wires in a home or commercial building can become damaged through DIY or just general deterioration. In this instance a rewire of the house of affected areas may be recommended.

Many people only get their home or building re wired when they have discovered a problem but if you have regular testing such as domestic testing, BS7671 IEE Tests or Visual Inspections problems can be spotted earlier so you can get re wiring done in specific problem areas or just fixes that will last much longer and save you money in the long run.

As a general rule rewiring should be carried out after about 30 years but if good inspections and maintenance are carried out you may not need the full cost of a complete rewire. Rewiring is rarely as simple as it sounds and often as well as rewiring replacement sockets and circuit boards are needed as these are also affected by general age and deterioration.

An electrical rewire needs to be carried out by a qualified and experienced electrician; a rewire is not a simple job that a beginner or a DIY enthusiast can carry out. If a rewire is not done properly your wiring could fail compliance and safety regulations and you could be putting your home at risk.

Contact Control System Installation for a quote on rewiring your house or to discuss how much rewiring is needed.



Electrical fault finding

 Diagnosing faults with your electrical fixtures and fittings

Tripped circuits or blown fuses can occur at any time, leaving you without lights or power and risk of losing your freezer contents.

Our trained staff can be with you at short notice and often within the hour to trace and repair these faults. On arrival, the engineer will ask of any recent building work or leaks you may have had. Then an initial inspection of fittings and fixtures will be carried out to check for loose connections or dampness etc.

If no obvious faults are detected he will proceed to carrying out an instrumental test procedure using a calibrated test instrument (usually using the insulation resistance setting of the tester). Other tests carried out can be: polarity, voltage, current demand, earth path (Ze) and (Zs) and RCD tests.

On completion of these tests a conclusion will be made and if further work is needed (in the replacement of fittings or rewiring of faulty cables) then a full quote will be issued before commencement of any further work. This will include labour and materials.



 Electrical repairs

 Electrical services and repairs by CSI Ltd

Whether you are planning a repair or you have an emergency requirement, Control System Installation Ltd is available at short notice to offer a fast repair service in your home or business. A lot of electrical repairs include replacement and installation of systems and appliances at your property.

 These include:


  • Fault finding
  • Replacement lighting
  • Consumer unit (fuse box) replacement
  • Immersion heater replacement
  • Installation / fitting / replacement of sockets
  • Rewires
  • Much more…


All of our trained engineers have at least 5years experience. To find out more about electrical repairs and the other electrical services we offer, take a look through our website or contact us. Alternatively you can fill in our request a call back form and we can contact you.




Consumer unit / consumer unit replacements

The consumer unit or formally known as fuse box distribute and controls all electrical circuits in your premises.

Any alteration over a time period to your house such as brand new bathrooms, kitchens, electrical sockets may mean that your electrical system is no longer up to date and need of upgrading. This is because the circuits are not capable of carrying the entire load it was designed for when it was designed and installed originally.

As result of a Periodic Inspection testing, we find that sometimes some of the circuits have been wired into the same fuse / MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker). To be able to minimise the risk the system must have the correct rating of overload protection.

The latest BS7671 regulations require that all circuits have to be protected by an RCD (Residual Circuit Device). Some homes do not have an RCD, and this is essential as it protects your house from any fire or any other potentially electric shocks.

Since 2008 RCDs (Residual Circuit Device) have to be installed on every cable or circuit in the home reg:522.6.7/8 (BS7671 2008 IEE Regulations). They are fitted into every new type 17th Edition consumer units CSI Ltd install and must trip if more than 30mA of fault current exists (Potentially 100mA could be fatal so this trips out before that amount can be present). The RCD must trip within 0.2s.

The latest consumer units have Miniature Circuit Breaker to protect the circuits from overload. If a cable is rated at 10amps then an MCB must be rated underneath that measurement, so it will trip instead of the wire getting warm. The new consumer units have two RCDs for fault protection due to the reason so the circuits can be split and if a fault occurs you don’t lose all the electricity in the house so some of the more essential equipment can be plugged in.

Our work has a warranty of 12 months and including the installation of our consumer units and an electrical installation certificate is provided to the customer after completion of the work. The main tails and main earth are also checked and updated if required and included in the price quoted.



Immersion heater repairs


Problems with water temperature are often an indication of a faulty immersion heater


Faults to immersion heaters are often caused by hard water (lime scale) build up within the tank. This eats away at the copper element and causes it to short circuit or sometimes just not heat up. The element is encased inside the tank of water and requires a skilled, experienced workman to replace it. The water has to be drained away before the element can be removed. Great care has to be taken not to cause any leaks or air locks on refilling the tank.

A fixed price on arrival can be arranged with the engineer, after his initial inspection and verification of the faulty element.

Other faults include the power failure to the switch or element which can be carried out on our hourly rate.


Tripping Circuits


A tripping circuit breaker can be a result of bad wiring or a faulty appliance

If your circuits keep tripping, it is a common misconception that this is because of a faulty circuit breaker. However, generally a circuit that trips regularly is functioning correctly, and it is detecting electrical leakage from bad wiring or a faulty appliance. Sometimes an appliance fitting that gets a lot of use can get loose connections over the years, and this can also be the cause.

As well as the inconvenience of loss of power, there is also the potential risk of fire or personal injury if these issues are not addressed. Our trained engineers can arrive within the hour to trace and repair these faults. Take a look at our electrical fault finding service to find out more.


 Faulty Extractor Fans

Repair or Replace Faulty Extractor Fans

Kitchens and Bathrooms are particularly prone to the build up of smoke, condensation and other pollutants in the air, these rooms need extractor fans to remove and moisture and unpleasant odours from the rooms. You may find that if you live in a smoking home or have a laundry room these rooms may need some sort of extractor fan as well.
If your extractor fan develops a fault you may find that water or smoke can build up, damaging your walls and surfaces, causing damp or potentially being a fire hazard. Current building regulations require any Kitchen and Bathroom to have a working extractor fan fitted.
Extractor fans can become faulty over time, many of these call outs require a quick fix or extractor fan repair to get the fan back into working order. However some Extractor fan faults are more severe and will require a replacement extractor fan to be fitted. At Control System Installation we will assess the situation on call out and give you a full quote for the work that needs to be done to get your extractor fan working again.



New installation


   Fitting New Lights

Replacing faulty light fittings or updating old with new can transform and bring new life to your home. You simply choose which light fittings you like, then give us a call to have them professionally installed. Many people try it themselves but soon realise there are more wires than expected and call us anyway. Generally, two to three lights can be fitted in one hour’s work – we can advise on arrival if it will take longer.

Wiring new lighting fittings and switches can be a difficult task. Using a certified electrician to do the job can give you the peace of mind that everything is wired correctly, and ensures that there is no risk of fire or personal injury. Additionally, our trained electrical engineers will make sure that the new light fittings comply with the latest regulations.



 Electric Showers

It is important to use an electrician when installing electrical appliances in your bathroom such as electric showers, heated towel rails, lighting, fans, shaving sockets and etc. As with any situation that involves water and electric, fitting electric showers can potentially be a very dangerous job. It is important that you use a qualified electrician to fit your electric shower to comply with building, safety and wiring regulations associated with electrics in the bathroom.
Control System Installation can get to you quickly and evaluate what is needed to install your electric shower. Most electric shower installations are relatively quick for a qualified electrician to fit however a risk assessment must be evaluated depending on any other appliances you have, the placement of doors, walls and partitions.
Your electric shower will also have to be tested to comply with BS 7671:2008 standards – ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations’ section 601. These tests will guarantee that the electrics will not pose any risk being in such close proximity to water.


Heated Towel Rails

As with any electrical appliance for the bathroom heated towel rails should always be fitted by an electrician, this is because the wires may come close to water which can be dangerous if not fitted or installed correctly. Heated towel rails are a nice feature for any bathroom as you can have nice warm towels to wrap around you after a shower or a bath. Towel rails that are heated are also useful as a radiator that will heat your bathroom up as well as your towels.

As more and more people opt for heated towel rails to be fitted in their bathrooms we have had to offer this as a service and we have trained and experienced electricians who can make fitting your towel rail a quick ad hassle free job.

Some people do not use electricians to install towel rails or have had a towel rail fitted many years ago, these sometimes experience faults and you find they are not working as they should. If this is a problem for you then Control System Installation can investigate and troubleshoot any problems or faults, we can quote to getting you towel rail running efficiently again in no time.


 Extra Sockets

A lot of people contact Control System Installation about adding extra sockets to their home or office, as technology develops more electronic devices are affordable, when once upon a time you would only need an electric socket for the TV and perhaps a light, now you may need extra sockets for your Digital TV, DVD players, computers, laptops, Games consoles, lights, digital photo frames etc.

Extra sockets are always needed in older houses that never took into account such appliances when the house was designed and built. Even some newer houses may need extra sockets especially if you have lots of Games consoles, like a Wii, Xbox and Playstation all of which need an accessible power supply.

You should never try to add extra sockets yourself as this needs a qualified electrician to wire them up safely and ensure they meet the required standards. Extra sockets are a relatively quick and simple job for a trained electrician and can be hassle free for you as the job is done quickly and safely.

Adding extra plug sockets can make your home much safer and tidier as you eliminate the need for extension cables and wires which can be a health and safety hazard for fires, surges and tripping over.



Electric Cooker Installations

Installing electric cookers always sounds like a simple job, almost a case of just plug it in and you are good to go, however, in reality installing an electric cooker is a complex job that should only be attempted by a trained electrician.
Electric cookers need a larger current than a lot of other electrical appliances as they need to generate a lot of heat, it is for this reason that an electric cooker must be installed by a qualified engineer to assess the current demand of the new appliance to check that the circuit and fuse/ MCB is suitable for it, and should only be undertaken by a qualified electrician who has experience in cooker installations.
Even if you are replacing an Electric cooker with another electric cooker this needs a new circuit for safety therefore is counted as a new install and should only be undertaken by a qualified electrician who has experience in cooker installations.
At Control System Installation we can remove your old electric cooker safely then on delivery of your new cooker we can install the new cooker using the existing wiring. Control System Installation installs your cooker using our same day service meaning less hassle for you so you can start enjoying your new cooker.


Lighting & Switches

With all the different varieties of lighting available to you it has become much more difficult to install lighting and switches in your home. Some simple switches and lights can be replaced or put in on your own but you should always get a qualified electrician to check any work you have done as a loose wire could spark and be a safety hazard.

Most lights have become more design oriented and the use of spot lights and wall lights have become very popular. These require additional wiring when installing the lights and are very difficult to do on your own. Control System Installation have a number of electricians who can install these lights very quickly saving you a lot of time and peace of mind knowing that the lights used by your family are safe.

Adding additional lighting and switches is becoming more popular as many homes have old fittings and fixtures which need to be modernised. You can add a fancy lighting system or install dimmer switches or complex lighting switches that will give you more control over the lighting for different purposes.

Control System Installation have a number of qualified electricians who are experienced in installing complicated lighting systems so no matter what your lighting needs are or your light fixtures we have someone who can install the lights and switches, quickly and safely.


Outside Lighting & Sockets

It isn’t just floods of rain that can affect your garden lighting but a qualified electrician will be able to set up your outside lighting and sockets to withstand even the worst British weather.

Whether you want outside lighting and sockets for your home or a shop or building it is important to use a qualified electrician. With British weather we have to expect all of the elements and any outside electric lighting needs to be safe in extreme weather conditions from red hot summers to snowy and icy winters the electrics need to be safe and installed correctly to ensure they can stand up to the weather.

Garden lighting has become very popular, not only for the Christmas period when people put up lights and decorations outside their home but also in other seasons such as Summer when people want Barbeques outside and need lighting and sometimes heaters and music .

Control System Installation can help you fit outside sockets that will be waterproof, or we can even help you repair or replace any outdoor lights and lamps quickly and safely.



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