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Security System

Security System







Fitted Detector Alarms


Whatever your Detector Alarms need Control System Installation can help ensure your detectors are fitted to the required safety standards meaning not only will you have peace of mind that you are meeting current legislative requirements but you are safe in the knowledge that your smoke alarm will alert you of a fire in your home or building.


Types of Smoke andAlarm


There are many types of Smoke and Heat Alarm available; they come in 6 different grades of performance in the standard ranges, these grades identify the equipment used for the smoke detector. Grades A, B and C are alarms that include fire detectors, central control equipment (usually battery controlled) and alarm devices. Grades D and E powered by the mains electrical supply and are smoke alarm systems which detect the presence of smoke or CO2, you can also get a Grade F system which is a smoke alarm that is battery powered.


Mains-powered smokes alarm


Mains powered alarms are the most reliable domestic and commercial smoke alarms as they run off your home or buildings main power supply. Once the Smoke alarm is correctly installed you will not have to test the battery regularly, although they do have a battery back up in the event that you have a power cut. These smoke alarms need to be installed by a qualified electrician.


Linked or interconnecting alarms


If you have a large home or need a smoke alarm fitted in a commercial building then a linked or interconnecting alarm is recommended. These are smoke alarms that trigger other alarms to go off in the event of a fire. So when one alarm detects smoke all of the alarms in the property will go off alerting people all over the building that may not have heard the original alarm. These alarms can be linked up to more complicated systems such as triggering water sprays or unlocking electric doors for quick exits.



Mains-powered fire alarm with vibrating pad and strobe lighting


You can get smoke alarms that are fitted with strobe light and vibrating pads, these are ideal for elderly people or people who have hearing difficulties as the alarm alerts you with flashing lights and a vibrating pad placed under your pillow will wake you if you are sleeping.


Standard-battery alarms


The most popular battery alarm used in the home is the standard battery alarm which is an ‘ionisation battery alarm’. This is the cheapest smoke alarm available and is quite basic, although does the job. You can also get an ‘optical battery alarm’ which is also quite cheap although a little more expensive than the ‘ionisiation battery alarm’ and both standard alarms run using a 9-volt battery.


Battery alarms with an emergency light

Battery alarms with an emergency light have a fitted light that comes on when the alarm is triggered, this is quite useful if you have someone in the family who struggles with hearing and can also be useful as a guide to illuminate the scene in the dark.


Fire Alarms with 10-year batteries

Ideally you want a smoke alarm that will last a long time therefore many people prefer to buy a smoke alarm with a 10 year battery. These are more expensive than standard 9-volt battery alarms but can save you money in the long run as you don’t need to replace the batteries as often as you would with a standard smoke detector. These smoke alarms come as an optical or ionisation alarm however the battery is usually a long life lithium battery or a sealed pack battery that can be guaranteed to last for 10 years.



Smoke detectors with a ‘hush’ or ‘silence’ button

Some alarms and smoke detectors come with a ‘hush’ button this will silence the alarm for a few minutes and is useful for kitchens where the alarm may be triggered with cooking. These hush mechanisms will be overridden if there is a significant amount of smoke which would indicate a real fire. Once you have silences your smoke alarm they will either display a red flashing light or make a ‘chirping’ sound to remind you that you have silenced it.


Mains-powered smoke detectors that plug into your light socket

This is a more simple type of alarm that uses a rechargeable battery that you plug into your light socket to re charge when the light is switched on. You can use your light switch to test or silence the smoke alarm and lasts a long time, although we do recommend you replace it fully after 10 years.
As many people often forget to test their fire alarm we recommend you opt for a smoke alarm that will last a long time.


Door Entry Systems


     Fitting and Fixing Door Entry Systems


Door entry systems are a useful security device often used in flats, shared homes, larger homes and offices. By installing a door entry system you can have more control over letting people into a building and a door entry system will add extra security to your home or office.

Door entry systems are electrical appliances that can be as simple as an access key or code with buzzer or be a complicated video system. Installing a door entry system can be a complicated job especially if you are putting in video to multiple apartments or rooms.

You should always use a qualified electrician to install your door entry system as this will ensure no loose wires that will make the system temperamental or be a fire hazard.

If you already have a door entry system that is faulty or needs an upgrade then call Control System Installation and we will come out and quote the work for you. We have experienced electricians who can not only install new door entry systems but also remove and replace old door entry systems safely and examine any faults with an existing door entry system.





Detecting Crime

The use of closed circuit television to detect crime, enhance employee and public safety is increasingly recognized as an effective way to providing awareness internally and externally at your premises. We have a wide range of systems to suit all types of security purposes, whether you need external pan and tilt cameras with environmental housings or an ascetically discrete dome camera for use internally.


Digital Video Recording

Digital Video Recording is an intelligent management system that records multiple camera images directly to the internal hard drive of a digital recorder. However, recording digitally does more than just record images, it provides simultaneous recording, playback and archiving whilst using sophisticated search functions to define and find those important events that meet your criteria. We provide a powerful, intelligent solution to your security and operations system. It is net workable, easily integrates with other equipment and is cost effective solution for many new and existing projects.


Remote Monitoring

Whether CCTV is installed covertly or overtly with audio or without, modern digital communication technology enables operators to monitor the situation from anywhere in the world using a laptop, PC or a mobile phone with internet access.


Time and Motion


It is possible to place cameras overlooking production lines and tills to analyse activities. Employees can be monitored for work efficiency and current business procedures can be studied and evaluated.

Retail and Hospitality Environments


There are several reasons why a retailer might want to install CCTV. One reason is to monitor any customer that might be stealing stock, aggressive behaviour or verbal abuse, but also an increasing reality in the retail and the hospitality industry is combating staff theft. Cameras can be located within the till area, stock rooms and staff exits in order to monitor the activities of personnel.



With the increase in litigation cases, employers and public authorities are ever more concerned with providing a safe environment for staff and public alike. CCTV can assist in many cases in providing the exact circumstances behind litigation claims.


Emergency Lighting



 How to Purchase Emergency Lighting (UK Only)


If you are looking for a comprehensive system to cover an entire workplace, you will be best taking advice from a qualified contractor, but if you just need to purchase a number of individual units or illuminated emergency exit signs, you can call CSI Ltd.


 Provision of Emergency Lighting


Another duty of the 'Responsible Person' is to ensure that escape routes and exits are in place and that these are "provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of their normal lighting".

The main purpose of your emergency lighting systems is to illuminate escape routes in the event of a power failure, so that everyone can still find their way safely out of the building. When doing your Fire Risk Assessment you should follow all the escape routes and ensure that they are sufficiently lit.

The type of emergency lighting systems that will work best for your premises is going to depend very much on the physical properties of your accommodation, and the complexity of the layout. The best approach is to be clear where you need light first, and then consult a specialist with regard to finding the best solution to meet that need.


Your emergency lighting systems will need to cover the following areas:


  • Every exit door
  • Emergency escape signs
  • All emergency escape routes
  • Lifts
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Break glass call points
  • Any safety equipment or machinery that would need to be closed down in an emergency
  • Outside each exit from the building


The length of time that emergency lighting systems needs to stay on after being activated can vary from about one to three hours. As well as obviously being on long enough to evacuate the building, it is more helpful if they are on long enough so that occupancy of the building can continue during a short power cut.

Emergency lighting systems can be either 'maintained' (on all the time) or 'non-maintained' (they only come on when the power is cut off). If you have a large building with maintained emergency lighting, you are going to use a lot of electricity over the course of the year. Very low energy LED 'tubes' are currently being developed, which could be used in your emergency lighting instead of fluorescents, last about ten years, and use a fraction of the electricity.


Emergency Lighting Tests and Maintenance


The Responsible Person must make arrangements to regularly test all the emergency lighting in the premises. While some modern systems have self-testing facilities, the majority of emergency lighting systems will need testing manually.

The testing method will vary depending on the type of emergency lighting systems you have installed. Usually there will be a switch operated by a 'fishtail key' (a small forked key that fits into a tamper-proof slot). This sort of test should be carried out regularly, probably monthly, activating the emergency lighting just long enough to make sure they illuminate correctly.

A 'full discharge test' should be carried out annually. This is when the emergency lights are activated and allowed to stay on until they go off, fully discharging the batteries. The timing of such tests is important, as the premises should not be occupied for the following 24 hours while the batteries recharge.

It is highly recommended to have your whole emergency lighting system checked over by a suitably qualified contractor once a year.



Burglar Alarm


Do you worry that someone might be breaking into your home?

Have your insurance premiums risen as a result of burglary in your area?


Whether you own a small apartment, terraced cottage, family home or country house, an obvious house alarm box provides a visual deterrent to any casual thief and be a real benefit to home security.


 Security Alarms System

CSI can offer the whole package to suit any requirement, whether it is a small residential building to a multi storey apartment or business. From Automatic doors, Roller shutters, Intruder alarms, CCTV, Access control, Panic alarms and intercom systems. All offered in residential, commercial, retail and industrial premises to your requirement.




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